How self-care benefits your mental health

Self-care is so much more than just mani-pedis, essential oils, and bubble baths. Self-care is purposefully and proactively using all aspects of wellness, i.e. physical, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, intellectual, environmental, to enhance long-lasting contentment. Taking care of your whole well-being promotes an overall satisfaction that you’re taking steps to better your life, and you are doing it all on your own. It’s empowering! And self-empowerment reminds you that you are not helpless, things are not hopeless, and you are worth every bit of your own love.

On the flip side … what happens when you’ve fallen into a deep depression? Depression is crippling. You look well on the outside but you’re dying on the inside. It drains you of all of your energy. It feels like a strong force has taken captive of your heart and soul. All you can do is hold on and take it one day at a time.

When I’m in a state of depression, I can’t get out of bed, take a shower, brush my teeth and feed myself, and have absolutely no interest in doing fun activities. It’s almost impossible to practice self-are.

So what do you do when you’re too depressed to take care of yourself? Do just one act of self-care. Just one. That’s it. It can be as simple as just getting out of bed!

When you do one thing one day at a time, self-care becomes a little less daunting. At least it is for me!

Here are some reasons why self-care is beneficial to mental health.

  • Staying active boosts your mood.
  • A healthy diet will give you long-lasting energy.
  • Having a hobby can relieve stress.
  • Spending more time with family and friends makes you feel loved.
  • Practicing gratitude helps you appreciate everything in your life, improves your mindset and how you view the world.

Incorporating self-care as a lifestyle can strengthen your resilience so that when life throws you a curveball, you are better equipped to handle it.

Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation is Self-care.

Published by Micaela Christina

A gen-xer who knows a thing or two about the hard knocks of life.

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