How to stay strong when all has gone wrong

Resilience doesn’t come from having it easy. The strongest people are usually the ones who have gone through tremendous hardship yet persevered. Through every battle, we learn. We grow. We overcome. It’s in the midst those difficult times, that we’ve come to be resilient.

While I’m not a psychologist, nor do I pretend to be one, I can only offer what I know. I have been through the fire myself – many, many times, more than anyone can imagine. Believe me, those experiences taught me a lot! It’s tranformed me into the person I am today.

When it seems like your ship is sinking, grab a rope and hold on to these bits of advice from someone who really knows about this thing called Life.

1.) Talk it out.

2.) Focus on the solution not the problem.

3.) Have faith.

4.) Feel your feelings, but keep going anyway.

5.) Spend time only with friends who understand and are supportive.

6.) Try to find the upside of things.

7.) Be constructive, not destructive.

And there you have it! Take what you need and leave the rest. Are there many more? If so, drop them in the comments!

Remember one thing: You are capable of great things.

Published by Micaela Christina

A gen-xer who knows a thing or two about the hard knocks of life.

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