My dream home

Home Sweet Home
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My Dream Home

I don’t ask for much. I don’t want a big, fancy house. I don’t need a big, fancy house. I just want it to be mine. My husband and I have waited a long time. The bulk of it was that we lived in an area (California) in which housing was uaffordable for the average, middle-class person. Now that we have moved out of state, maybe we can finally have a chance?

My dream house will have enough space for many dogs, maybe 5 of them (and a cat or two) to live with us. Maybe 5. It will be nestled in a safe, clean, and quiet neighborhood just outside the city limits. Our neighbors will be kind, caring, and friendly. There will be a yard big enough to plant a garden. I want my dream house to welcome in lots of sunshine. It will be a cheerful place to live with big windows to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I would prefer that it be close to some kind of large body of water like the ocean, rivers, or lakes; but definitely not in the mountains.

Most of all, it will be a home with lots of laughter, peace, healing, faith, and love.

Published by Micaela Christina

A gen-xer who knows a thing or two about the hard knocks of life.

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