How self-care benefits your mental health

Self-care is so much more than just mani-pedis, essential oils, and bubble baths. Self-care is purposefully and proactively using all aspects of wellness, i.e. physical, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, intellectual, environmental, to enhance long-lasting contentment. Taking care of your whole well-being promotes an overall satisfaction that you’re taking steps to better your life, andContinue reading “How self-care benefits your mental health”

Self-care is a challenge for someone living with depression

Have you ever felt knocked down over and over again until you’ve reached your breaking point? Life is hard. You can only be strong for so long. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not that we don’t know how to take care of ourselves. The motivation to do so isContinue reading “Self-care is a challenge for someone living with depression”